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December 3, 2003

Free software fueling a new kind of patriotism

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Bruce Sterling writes in Wired about the growing regionalization of open source culture –

..Global Project for the Development of the Information Society aims to give every resident access to the knowledge gathered by humanity throughout history

This deeply rooted regional approach could prove a more nurturing environment for Tux than either the EU, with its stifling bureaucracy, or the US, where lawyers for SCO are eager to sue the daylights out of anyone who dares to propagate the penguin. Right now, most of the action is in government, where officials are beginning to wake up to the advantages of open standards and malleable code – and not having to pay Americans for any of it. India is releasing Linux variations in local dialects from Assamese to Telugu. China, Japan, and South Korea are collaborating on their own OS. South Africa recently approved an open source strategy, and similar things are going on in Argentina, Australia, Bulgaria, Peru, and Ukraine.

Looks life leftist idealogy is getting a second “release” in the form of open source driven digitization of human society. End result is praiseworthy, doesnt matter from which constituency it comes – left of center or right of the center or from the neo-cons or ultras ..

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