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February 22, 2006

Folish font

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Random observation:

Why Indian government is allowing their citizens to choose their own font for the motor license plates?  This practice is totally out of control. It’s a study in how chaos develops in the absence of standardization. If  governement plans to use camera scanners in sensitive areas for checking automobiles then I must say goodluck for the license plate scanning. It’s nearly impossible to figure out in some cases.

I have seen license plates in Papyrus, Gothic, Corsiva and some I doubt have any equivalent computer font. One doesn’t need to have Phd in economics to know that the standardization process helps in cost reduction and allows innovative solutions to develop around those standards. For example, TCP/IP has contributed more in changing world politics than Hegel, Kant, Marx etc all put together. And it is still changing.

Knowing the way governments work it will be much easier to get RFID tag or some scannable id for CPU clusters on the next generation automobiles.

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