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April 29, 2006

Simple doesn’t mean easy

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Just scanning all the books which I want to finish but just not able to due to thousand other reasons:

Here is one paragraph from The Art Of Project Management. Very refreshing book on the essential art of project management. Project management is like any other physical sport where the more you play, the more you keep scores the better you get. It’s good to get external stories every now and then.

 author’s view on simplicity:

The best athletes, writers, programmers, and managers tend to be the ones who always see what they do as simple in nature but simultaneously difficult. Remember that simple is not the same thing as easy. For example, its a simple thing to run a marathon. You start running and don’t stop until you’ve reached 26.2 miles. What could be simpler? The fact that it’s difficult doesn’t negative it’s simplicity. Leadership and management are also difficult, but their nature – getting things done in a specific way toward a specific goal – is simple.

Second chapter into the book, so far author Scott Berkun has done a good job in keeping the tone very fresh. This is unlike other PMP type project management books.

Lot of fresh insights if you are into projects and who is not nowadays !

Update: Well written piece on the myth of “keeping up”. Maybe getAbstract is the answer for fixing my book scanning habit.

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