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August 27, 2006

GFYD is officially on

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Why this Google For Your Domain is a big news? Even if Google is just scratching on the office footprint, revenue numbers are huge and considering the growing  market  this number will increase as well –

Microsoft’s Office products generated $11.7 billion in revenue for the
fiscal year ended June 30 and nearly $8.3 billion in profit. The vast
majority of sales came from the company’s core desktop suite.

We have been beta testing GFYD service for nearly a month now. Together with gmail, spreadsheet and Writely we are quite satisfied. Though support is at times bit tricky but things seem to work most of the time. Apptility size (nearly 20 employees) company is a sweet spot for Google. Small but spread across three timezones, using three operating systems (Mac, Linux and Windows – with majority being Linux) and near real-time collaboration needs. If you can collaborate over word document and spreadsheet in real-time then its huge. It’s quite obvious that the collaboration is a big deal in multi-location businesses. I think increasingly finance folks in small companies will challenge their geeks and ask them to use Google tools to save on licensing fees.

Suddenly the promise of cheap office-alternative over cheap hardware looks promising. Lot of people sitting in bay area just ignore the importance of hardware in comparing between office alternatives. Just try running Outlook, Excel, and Word at the same time. It’s not funny most of the time. Performing same functions on the browser appears less daunting. Now bandwidth and offline synchronization becomes the real deal.

Now this may come as a side note in this debate but I don’t see much market for wiki in the office collaboration suite. If Writely can allow upto 50 users collaborating on the same document then why you need to spend countless hours learning pesky formatting rules?

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