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March 3, 2007

Cisco has better appreciation for Apple name change

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Apple recently changed their name from Apple computer to Apple to better reflect their desire to address consumer enteraintment market. This was as much brand positioning for consumer driven technology market as it was for the iPod economy.

Consumer space phenomena such as user generated content, social networks and video services are all together changing the very definition of media and entertainment business. In this industry-wide reconfiguration not many people have much idea how this vendor landscape will look like once the market clears the dust.

Cisco is a smart company and they have a history of positioning for the “where the buck will be..”. NYT has a post on how they plan to acquire IP interests of This news has caught lot of bloggers by surprise. Om Malik whose sharp cynicism is usually on spot has dismissed this news by basically writing this off as an attempt by Cisco to be in the “cool camp”. I disagree with this. Social networking is going to be a feature in all future software (well most of them!). So Cisco is wise to get in early for their internal and external use of this enabling technology.

I also think Cisco is just arming for the time when they will be competing with many new big players coming from media, technology and entertainment industry. At that time having emerging “social” technology pieces in their pocket will definitely help them in getting into bigger deals and in some cases driving the bigger agenda. Security and mobile applications will top that list.

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