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May 19, 2007

Virtual war between Estonia and Russia

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If you are a quiz freak like me then this mark this week as the time when world’s first virtual war between two nations took place.

New York Times reports on how quickly Estonia which calls itself E-stonia turned into E-stoned (ok last one I added!) –

The computer attacks, apparently originating in Russia, first hit the Web site of Estonia’s prime minister on April 27, the day the country was mired in protest and violence. The president’s site went down, too, and soon so did those of several departments in a wired country that touts its paperless government and likes to call itself E-stonia.

Geolocation identifying technologies will gain more adoption after this. Also security approach has to change from tools-driven approach which is what most companies use to imagination-oriented social policing. This is group versus group and you need to understand the warfare best practices from Soprano and Mario Puzo literature.


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