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July 1, 2007

Google sicko with greed?

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Looks like Lauren Turner succeeded in making Google do a good catch up with Microsoft. At least on the evil-scale. It doesn’t take a Google-Phd to analyze that the cost of advertising rebuttal is still a cost and companies will eventually pass this cost to end consumers.

If “advertising is a very democratic and effective way to participate in a public dialogue” then who pays for this dialog? I can’t believe company like Google has people who have such naive understanding of how things work in public policy arena.

Advertising is an effective medium and that’s why health care industry is so messed up that they invest more money in Madison Avenue projects and government lobbying. We need less of that and not more. Spend more money on Google health and less on Adsense. That’s no-brainer.

Update: Missy Krasner had made a well reasoned defense of the faux-pas. I think people think of Google as a different kind of company and tend to assume that most of the time Google will fight a good fight. So I was bit surprised to read their stand on Sicko. But in the end this whole episode turned out to be a one small incident of careless blog post.

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