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August 9, 2007

Google News adds perspectives from news actors

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When your neighbor’s marriage is in trouble. One thing you don’t do is to make a publishing career out of that episode.

Google News is exactly  doing that by allowing news actors to chime in with their comments NOT ON THEIR original news site but on Google website. Why not just give them blogspot account in real time (something along claim your blog – in line with the emerging claim your profile scandal started by profile search companies) and link it to news site.

From technology innovation point of view this new Google hack sounds exciting but looks like their approach is all old fashioned submit-review-approval/rejection. I am scratching my head as to does Google know what they are getting into or this is just a ploy to beat all mainstream media to complete submission in some weird deal making stunt.

TechCrunch echoing a great point made by Gabe on why Google is not being open in sharing  crawled data with other websites. Their grandiose claim to openness and this particular practice is definitely not in sync.

Though this whole development begs a different kind of discussion. Why are newspaper organizations not doing these kinds of hacks? It’s high time they get out of newspaper publishing mode. Go beyond comments, trackbacks etc and develop next generation linking and news authenticity tools. Start hacking into news communication business.

Communication is multi-directional and also works in listening mode whereas publishing is just sitting high and dispensing punditry.

News organizations have to create more pubmunication tools.


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