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August 27, 2007

Internet Is Dead, Boring And Half Of That Is Not In Your Language

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Internet is all about numbers. Number of nodes connected, number of folks connecting to it, connectivity speed, number of applications, number of browsing hours and number of communication events going across it and many other related numbers.

All those numbers are growing and will increase dramatically as China and India gains broadband penetration. Population matters and That’s where internet is still very very interesting and smart companies like Google are fully aware of that. Google made good investments there and takes that market very seriously.

Recent discussions around Mark Cuban’s attention grabbing assertion was meant (I think) to emphasize slow progress in a specific area of high quality  content distribution. He obviously sees huge opportunity in that space but like any other entrepreneur he can’t single handedly grow the market by lifting the infrastructure layer. He has to wait and that’s  frustrating. I read Mark Cuban’s interview on Pho mailing list and found that to be a very accurate description of problem affecting niche segment.

Internet is interesting in new geographies. Look for new participation and then think about how their participation will create opportunities for new applications. For example by next decade,  difference between Hollywood and Bollywood will be less important as destinations like YouTube will become destination of choice for entertainment creation, distribution and consumption.

To me if I can do “add me as friend” or “poke me” in mandarin and get a response back in English, probably that day I will feel that internet is boring. That day is many years away and will require quantum jump in language and cultural computing technologies.

Here is one crazy idea for Mark. Go to India and buy ICL and cut a similar deal with equivalent sports franchise in China. Buy them, bring those teams to US, run a promotional mashup with baseball, run content over your network. Basically import Cricket, export Baseball and do it over the internet. Get into the emerging market eyeball business. Get the distribution power and then promote your content to billions of viewers there.

That funny idea aside, I think internet is just waiting to get into our cultural and social space. I am not counting on this to be boring.

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