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January 29, 2008

Cuecat? Not so fast

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Dan Frommer on SAI has a good post on Google’s new initiative related to newspaper ads. This led few commentors to link this with CueCat. I think current technology cycle favors the timing of this release, here is what has happened in the meantime:

Blogs, Micro-blogs etc are now commonplace, they need to be linked with newspaper ads, mobile apps have come of age, phone are much more powerful, digital signatures to physical products can be mined NOW, square barcodes create possibility of conversations around physical products. [ Imagine this: replace for-sale sign with this bardcode and move your camera to see how many people are interesting in buying this car].

Getting carriers to sign up for this is a different game altogether. With power slowly shifting to Android and iPhone, maybe Google can do what Cuecat failed to do! I am positive about the possibilities.


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