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February 24, 2008

Formula – low cost, sell first, take innovation risk and run marathon

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There is no ideal profile. Entrepreneurs can be gregarious or taciturn, analytical or intuitive, cautious or daring – Amar Bhide

Never met him personally but I have been following Sridhar Vembu’s companies for quite some time. First time in 2003, during my first startup project (AssuredWeb). Back then I was amazed by the business model of delivering network management products. Component factory model combined with easy to buy, low price convenience. He build cash generating machine with that model. There were many other product/companies AdventNet was directly/indirectly involved with. vTiger, Zoho and some database management company I am forgetting the name. I am sure there will be many more.

Thing I like about this story is that smart, scalable and successful businesses can be build without spilling testosterone out of your ears. Key difference (and this is a very big one) comes from having the right temperament to hang in there for the long haul.

Flip-it-and-keynote-it is a recent invention otherwise startup road is long and lonely. Intellectual freedom is a big plus of the job. I doubt Sridhar Vembu will sell out soon.

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