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March 12, 2008

Thanks to YouTube API we have “Blogged with MessageDance using YouTube”

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YouTube rolled out new set of APIs today. Essentially making a convincing case that YouTube is now a universal video storage platform. By allowing any website to upload videos and share rich meta data, they are opening up for new creative video experience.

We have been usingYouTube APIs to allow our users to seamlessly “blog” or “tweet” their favorite videos. Now we have an opportunity to extend that sharing experience with publishing-oriented sharing. Current generation of sharing tools only allow simple link sharing, thanks to robust API support, now we can convert simple sharing into powerful publishing.�

Rise of sharing model is a clear indicator of API winning against destination mindset.Huge popularity of Twitter API is another example of that. It still amazes me how some people cling onto their home page/destination site mentality. That mindset may not be dead completely but it’s definitely on the deathbed.�

Our users can start their experience from Facebook, send message to their�blog,twitterand potentially to Myspace without even coming to MessageDance. Experience is distributed, consumption is distributed and YouTube announcement shows that sharing model will eventually evolve to full blown publishing model.
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Blogged with MessageDance using iMail

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