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May 20, 2008

Breaking news using Twitter.

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"Twitter as a news media" meme is adding momentum. Today Jeff Jarvis posted his thoughts and they are quite insightful:

this publicness and immediacy is yielding both a new relationships and new value: ways to find and report news for a start. Perhaps our chattering will also reveal our collective mood (for that, go to and see all Twitter posts that include the words love, hate, think, and wish). Companies are now monitoring Twitter, as the smart ones have been watching blogs, to see what is said about their brands (the cable giant Comcast saw powerful blogger Michael Arrington of complaining about an outage in Twitter and quickly dispatched a repairman).

When we start putting our lives online, it’s now possible to take our pulse in new ways. And that’s news. For what is news, after all, but what is happening to us?

Ambient Intimacy is resulting in a new kind of media. That pretty much sums up.

I have written my thoughts on this meme here – Reuters to Reuwitters.

PS: Not sure why Jarvis has tagged his  post under WWGD (which is an acronym for his forthcoming book – What Would Google Do. I am eagerly waiting for the book). Whatever his intentions are, but this tag is definitely worth a thought.

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