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May 25, 2008

Techmeme is now Rated R – Let the killing begin.

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First I thought I will put  picture from Roland Joffe's classic The Killing Fields. I realized that will be offending to some people so I thought why not just emphasize what is burning in my eyes. I mean burning when I scan Techmeme from top to bottom.

Few disclaimers to start with. I have big respect for all these bloggers and journalists. They do fine job in enjoying themselves and in that process educating the great unwashed long tail. So by highlighting few words here and there I am not passing any judgment here. If you want to fault me for any thing then probably it should be my lame attempt in being funny.

To me the combination of three separate Techmeme headline with somewhat linked verbal symbolism did it.

First the BBC news piece. Jakob Nielsen shared his research study where he found online users are getting way more antsy.  Most website designers are naturally unaware of this and expect users to like their shiny gradient layout.

Users are setting expectation level from the best. Google search engine's sub-second response time is a big subliminal play. Every other website gets dissed because they are not as fast as Google. At least not as good in instant gratification as Google is. Gratification level offered by Google search engine is a new default happiness level. Every other website has to  offer superior or alternate instant gratification in order to suck less. Consistently fail in doing that and you invite WTF, F#$K OFF, SOB, and what not. I have faced it in couple of occasion, when MessageDance site was struggling to get IE support (we still suck on IE6 but we don't feel too bad about it).

Anger and frustration around wildly popular Twitter is a case study of it's own kind. I will not comment much on that. You can read Techmeme headline to get the idea. I had issues with people using "kill" or "killing" in headline but I guess that works well to raise passions couple of notches (not to say that it doesn't help page views!).

Last news item just happened to be there below Twitter cluster. Tim O Reilly's analysis is, as always, spot on. It's just that his choice of words (along with two other headlines) made for a strange eew!

Otherwise weekend is coming along just fine. Weather be damned.

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