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Six Apart matches Akismet offer. Announces AntiSpam plugin.

Competition is a good thing for end users. Innovations in key blog authoring tools had hit a slow patch. Things are beginning to look different now.
Today Six Apart announced TypePad AntiSpam plugin for both TypPad and WordPress blogs. This is a great news and it should be welcomed for multiple reasons.

First of all it’s open source and that will help create necessary motivation to add innovation around this API.

Second good news is that it’s all free. Akismet charges subscription fee for commercial use. Free is good for many living-on-adsense bloggers.
At some time you would think TypePad and Akisment spam fighters can work together in a sort of federated Interpol for catching blog spams. Now that code is open source, I am sure some smart developer will attempt just that to reduce false positives.

TechCrunch has good things to say about this plugin.
Download TypePad AntiSpam plugin from here.

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