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August 1, 2008

Rise of the mommy bloggers!

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Mommy blogging and in general female blogging is one of  the fastest growing blog category.  Maggie Shiels is covering this phenomena on BBC:

In 12 months the BlogHer network has mushroomed from 180 bloggers to 2,200.

According to comScore Media Metrix, community based women's websites are now tied with political sites as the fastest growing category online.

"Today, women are not only the most powerful consumers in the world, we're also the power users of Web 2.0 and social media technologies," said Lisa Stone, BlogHer co-founder.

That willingness to harness the web has resulted in a community of 36 million women who write and read blogs, said Ms Garrubbo. And that gave them clout among advertisers.

Female blogging is a powerful force and something we are following as a parent. You take important public discussion forums and you will find that it's still a male dominated society.

Blogging, being an extremely low barrier to publishing platform, allows everyday stories to grow and develop online communities around them.  Especially for females bloggers community plays big role.  Discussions around family and kids generate online bonding, which I have seen growing into offline (face to face) interactions.

I was amazed when I saw this project where close to 50 women got together online to celebrate baby shower.  They were pretty much from all over the world – US, UK, Switzerland, Pakistan, India and Middle East.

They used every day tools, without getting bogged down too much into geeky stuff. Idea was to get the job done. I was told they used blogs, email, Google Groups, Google Calendar, virtual gifts, Photoshop, audio/video tools, and  puzzle sites to get the job done.

I think we are going to see female blogging evolve into a powerful political and economic force. Smart money is already aligning around this.

This picture captures everything:

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