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April 30, 2010

Twitter for Android: Social CRM layer as part of mobile OS

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Twitter’s real impact is on mobile devices. I have been speculating for some time that Twitter should buy it’s way into mobile OS layer. Also speculated why they will open source mobile client at some point of time. This is what I wrote few weeks ago:

Giving away complete client side codebase – potentially with unique and standardized user experience like Tweetie – for iPhone, Android(coming soon?), Blackberry, Nokia and Windows7, they can give developers a new architecture for gaming, vertical apps, lbs apps and potentially enterprise apps.

Today Twitter made another move in their march towards mobile ubiquity. Working with Google Android team they announced open source version of Android client. Now sharing via Twitter is part of the Android stack. This is a huge relief for developers. Imagine if every windows app has to implement their own print interface! In a similar way this OS level Twitter sharing option will obviate the need for app developers to monkey around with OAuth code.

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