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April 14, 2010

Google Indexes Twitter Archive. Deja Vu All Over Again?

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Google is a data driven company, they know where the searches tweets are coming from. And most importantly where the tweets are going. Knowing all this they are adjusting to the new reality very fast.

Dylan Casey on Google Blog reports that Google search will now include entire Twitter archive. This is a clever addition and will prove valuable to journalists, historians and researchers. Technically this is a great example where Google, due to it’s unique scaling capacity, is strongly positioned to provide this kind of service. I doubt, at the current level of infrastructure, Twitter can do what Google is doing.

This is also interesting from a historical perspective. It’s first time that Google has allowed third party branding to happen in search results. Nearly 10 years back, Yahoo had replaced inktomi search engine with the technology from a little known startup called Google. That’s how we started noticing ‘Powered by Google’ branding. Rest as they say is history. You can read some of that historical move on this CNet article from year 2000. Here is a screenshot of that article.

Today by adding Twitter archive and allowing Twitter brand to show-up, Google has acknowledged, rather reluctantly, the arrival of next generation player in the information sharing business.

Danny Sullivan has a excellent follow up post with interesting search numbers.

Google: 88 billion per month
Twitter: 19 billion per month
Yahoo: 9.4 billion per month
Bing: 4.1 billion per month

Twitter as a search engine company? Get used to the idea.

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