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April 30, 2010

Lots of Big Ideas. Some In Cloud and Some Mobile

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Howard Hughes: You’re a press agent, are you not?
John: Yeah.

Howard Hughes:You’re supposed to know the ins and outs?
John: Absolutely.

Howard Hughes: Do you?
John: Yeah, absolutely.

Howard Hughes: Then you leave the big ideas……to me.
John: Oh, yeah. Of course, boss.

Conversation in movie The Aviator. Hughes is pissed off as he is not getting extra pair of cameras!

Big picture is emerging very fast and it’s carrying big ideas. Recent events tell us that lot of people are suddenly grokking full implication of the architectural shift happening in tech industry. Speed at which integrated platform thinking is spreading is frightening to say the least. Classical separation of software, hardware, systems and applications are crumbling faster than anybody’s prediction.

HP’s decision to buy Palm WebOS and then immediately dump Windows 7 tablet is a clear indication that the computing world as we know it is now history. Cisco, IBM, Oracle, SAP and many other big companies should be getting ready to make their own mobile move. There aren’t that many mobile OS companies to buy and not having a play in 2010 can prove fatal to lot of companies in 2015.

Companies who are strongly aware of this shift, Apple and Google, are well positioned for the future. They are at step 20 whereas rest of the tech space is still figuring out third and fourth step. Policies and architecture they are putting in place are coming out as a mild form of future shock to lot of experts. These experts are using yesterday’s rules, mostly developed during Win-Tel era, to evaluate newly emerging integrated platforms.

Apple, Google and to some extent Facebook are clearly executing on their roadmap. It’s amazing how these three companies, spread in 15 mile radius in Silicon Valley, are not only imagining post-PC world but also executing at ferocious pace. While another 10 mile south, Adobe in San Jose, failed to read tea leaves. In hindsight it looks like somebody forgot to write on the whiteboard “It’s the iTunes, Stupid”.

Charles Stross wrote a wonderful explanation on possible motives of Apple blocking Flash from their ecosystem.

This is why there’s a stench of panic hanging over silicon valley. this is why Apple have turned into paranoid security Nazis, why HP have just ditched Microsoft from a forthcoming major platform and splurged a billion-plus on buying up a near-failure; it’s why everyone is terrified of Google:

The PC revolution is almost coming to an end, and everyone’s trying to work out a strategy for surviving the aftermath.

Read his full post. Lot of people are still in denial about the game changing aspect of integrated architecture. Mobile clients, using App Store distributed application, accessing cloud based services is going to the new normal. There will be new rules. There will very interesting M&A deals in near future.

Also in new integrated experience architecture, interoperability issues will not get lot of respect. It’s a noble goal to pursue but normals will be less aware of the lack of interoperability going forward. In most likelihood interoperability will be one of the cloud service, users will be unaware of it, as we are right now when we use Google Docs. Ease at which I can generate PDF, Excel or HTML version of the document is almost a non-issue to me. It wasn’t like that few years ago.

It’s hard to imagine a near future scenario where we will have handful of integrated platforms. All innovating for their advantage and optimizing experience for their user base. We are going to see some scary pace of innovation this year, at least from Apple and Google camp. It’s almost like technology world has found a new wild west.

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