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November 16, 2010

Mary Meeker and The Art of Powerpoint Sensation

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No matter what people has to say about Mary Meeker’s dot-com era forecasting skills, she definitely has a knack for presenting complex set of data. She is confirming what I am hearing from other folks about the ‘ferocious’ pace of mobile innovation. This slide says everything –

Other trends she touched upon:

1. Globality — Do you know which players in which countries do what you do better (or at least differently) than you do? Do you study / implement it?

2. Mobile — Ramping faster than any ‘new new thing’ – is your business leading or lagging?

3. Social Ecosystems — Would you rather be Apple, Google or…Facebook? Will their future directions help / hurt your business?

4. Advertising – Ripe for innovation – will your business benefit?

5. Commerce — Products must be fast + easy + fun. Do humans want everything to be like a game?

6. Media — What does the extraordinary ramp in on-demand video usage mean for your business?

7. Internet Company Leadership Evolution — Shocking changes over just 6 years… are you prepared for next half decade of change?

8. Steve Jobs — What’s his ‘secret sauce?’ Does your company have it?

9. Ferocious Pace of Change – What’s Next in Tech? — When do consumers / enterprises & incumbents / attackers need you?

10. Closing Thoughts – Large companies do not typically support rapid growth rates of the magnitude that follow..will these trends continue?

I am embedding this slide and will be comparing the numbers as industry changes. I am sure velocity of change in itself will be fun to watch.

Internet Trends Presentation

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