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May 8, 2011

How iPad is Helping Parents Fight Against TV

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There are many strong opinions when it comes to kids using iPad as their primary entertainment device. Some opinions are rational and are pure extrapolation on any type of obsessive behavior. iPad has definitely unleashed new experience and we are still adjusting on how best to let kids run with it.

Mike Elgan is sharing nice little story about family in Los Altos using iPad to keep kids busy in a family outing. Now that’s Silicon Valley, where parents not unconsciously lay focus group traps around their kids and families. Yes only in California!

Our family has survived without TV and we are more than 3 years into that experiment. Our two daughters (3 and 6) and nephew(14) have adjusted very well. So where they switched their entertainment time? Girls switched to Youtube and niche sites like and Nephew gets his share of European Soccer on Youtube, games on omgpop and general time sink apps on Facebook.

This changed a lot when iPad showed up on the menu. They quickly found their favorite apps. So much so that they started maintaining their own folders. I can definitely see them demanding their own slate in near future. Best of all they started forming strong opinions about apps. It’s this no holds barred feedback which we are happily using in Fliplog.

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