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June 30, 2011

Moore’s Law of Social Sharing

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Mark Zuckerberg giving pep talk to potential hires. Insightful parallel with Moore’s Law and how that applies to social sharing-

The law that said there’s this exponential growth in the number of transistors that go on an integrated circuit. We found that every year on average, the amount of stuff that a person is sharing will about double. And it’s different things each year. So one day, let’s say you’re sharing 5 things a day right now. Maybe you post a status update and you like two things and you write a comment, then statistically if this trend continues, then that means that next year you’re probably going to be sharing 10 things, and the year after that you’ll be sharing 20 things a day and the year after that 40. And the way that the exponential math works out, is that 5 years from now, if that stays true, then people will be sharing 32 times as much stuff as they are today. And 10 years from now they’ll be sharing 1024 times as many things — maybe not exactly 1,024 but 1,000 times more things as you are today.

Social sharing will percolate down to pretty much all internet experience. Much of the interface will shift to mobile and that’s where we are going to see dominant social platforms (Facebook, Twitter etc) fight with mobile platforms (Apple, Google etc).

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